My Favorite Friendly Face

Sometimes life has a funny way of giving you exactly what—or who—you need…

Charlie is a classic English boy from the South. He grew up in a small town near Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown. He actually went to the same school that Willy Shakes attended as a boy. Incidentally, he has a proper Queen-of-England British accent and I’ve become quite fond of it.

Charlie is one of the five people with whom I share a flat, but he’s definitely my favorite. I’ve learned a lot about Charlie since we’ve been living together, despite only seeing him around at dinnertime. He’s got long lanky limbs and he’s a good dresser. He always wears a collared shirt underneath a thick wool sweater, paired with dark jeans and boots. He has light hair that falls down into his eyes. Charlie prefers tea during the day, but coffee after dinner. He has 3 brothers. His best friend from home is named Hannah, and she sounds lovely.

Although he’s more than two years younger than me, Charlie seems ages older. He knows everything about everything, especially politics. He studies German and Japanese and thus, he can speak many languages—German, Japanese, French, etc.—and sometimes he gets his English jumbled up after doing his readings for German class. It’s damn adorable.

Charlie is part of the LGBT community and I like to tease him about Connor, his “friend” who he’s gone on several dates with…Sounds like more than friends to me Charlie! (If you’re reading this, please don’t kill me.)

He’s extremely polite, even though he loves to talk sh*t behind closed doors. I think it’s funny how politically correct he feels obligated to be. But maybe that’s just me being a typical “say-whatever-I-feel-whenever-I-feel-like-it” American… Charlie says he always thought Americans were “quite annoying until he met [me].” That made me smile.

Charlie loves Taylor Swift, describing her as “the picture of capitalism”…Whatever that means. He asked me if my grandma sits on her porch all day like a typical American grandma… Yes, yes she does.

I’d like to think Charlie and I have become “proper mates” in the past couple of months, even though he’s always on his way out to the library or to meet his friends for tea. To be fair, I probably seem like I’m always on my way out, too; flying off to different countries every weekend and spending what little time I have during the week in lectures or doing work in the Student Union.

Nonetheless, when I walk into the kitchen I find myself subconsciously hoping that he’s already in there. And when he is, he’s always smiling. I absolutely treasure our banter as we practically trip over each other trying to make dinner at the same time. In fact, it’s usually my favorite part of every day.

When I’m feeling homesick, Charlie feels like home. Maybe it’s the way he’s always excited to see me. Maybe it’s the way he helps me learn to cook. Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t let me get away with anything, ever.

Whatever the reason, I’m quite glad we got stuck with each other.

(This post has no pictures because Charlie doesn’t like when I take pictures of him and his Facebook profile picture is of an elephant. So.)

I got the photo used as the header of this post here on Pinterest

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